Learn to paint like Vincent Van Gogh

AmsterdamCanalPainting is known for her famous Paint like Van Gogh-workshop combined with high-level service. Many people from all over the world combine their visit to Amsterdam with this extraordinary painting workshop. 

The Paint like Van Gogh painting workshop is exclusive. This means that you can expect the best service from us in every area. The amuses, the drinks and the painting materials are of the highest quality. The professionalism of AmsterdamCanalPainting’s team enables you to make your own masterpiece. You can also combine the workshop with a visit to the Van Gogh Museum. Since two years we are working together with the Van Gogh Museum meaning that AmsterdamCanalPainting has special (voucher) entrance tickets which gives you faster access to the museum. We also give tours in the museum.

 This is truly the chance to hang your favorite Van Gogh painting on your wall, after you have painted your own Van Gogh masterpiece in the city centre of Amsterdam! We think it’s also the best souvenir to bring home after a visit to the city of Amsterdam. Impress yourself, family and friends with your unique Van Gogh painting. And even if you have never painted, you can participate in our painting workshop.

AmsterdamCanalPainting also provides tours in the museum to both individuals and groups!

We are offering the following workshops:

Paint like van Gogh


Paint like Vermeer

 and Van Gogh Sparkles

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Being creative is the perfect way to get to know your colleagues better and even become stronger as a team. We therefore listen carefully to your needs and work with you to create the perfect creative workshop/ event for you and your colleagues.

During the past years AmsterdamCanalPainting has organized various teambuilding activities for companies, for example he following workshops / trips / events: cheese tasting, mini-workshop tango, visits to the Van Gogh Museum / Rijksmuseum, Paint like Van Gogh /Picasso, creative bike tours, Dining&Lounging, Teambuilding Quiz, watchmaking, Van Gogh Sparkles and of course much and much more. Please contact us for more information if you want to have a fantastic day with your colleagues.