"I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." 


Vincent van Gogh 

Canvas Jute

Paint like van Gogh

in Amsterdam

At Amsterdamcanalpainting we do our utmost best in following recommended guidelines to provide a safe and clean environment during our workshops and tours.

Amsterdam Canal Painting, sponsor and friend of the Van Gogh Museum, is known for its famous Paint like Van Gogh workshop and high level service. Many people from all over the world complete their visit to Amsterdam with this extraordinary painting workshop.​

The Paint like Van Gogh workshop is exclusive. This means that you can expect the best service in every way. The Dutch bites, the drinks, and the painting materials are of the highest quality. The professionalism of Amsterdam Canal Painting’s team enables you to create your own masterpiece.

This is the opportunity to hang your favorite Van Gogh painting on your wall after you have painted your own Van Gogh masterpiece in the city centre of Amsterdam! What better souvenir to bring home after a visit to the city of Amsterdam?  Impress yourself, family and friends with your unique Van Gogh painting, painted by YOU! 

Canvas Jute

Amsterdam Canal Painting


Vincent van Gogh Amsterdam

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Vincent van Gogh Amsterdam

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