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2 Days

Van Gogh Holland Tour

Nuenen - Amsterdam






€ 495,-

Day 1: Nuenen  10 am -5 pm

  •  Museum Vincentre tour

  •  Open air Van Gogh tour

        Van Gogh lunch

Day 2: Amsterdam  9 am-3 pm

  • Van Gogh Museum tour

  • Paint like Van Gogh workshop

Included in the price:

  • Transport from Amsterdam to Nuenen, and Nuenen to Amsterdam Tickets for the Vincentre Museum, Open air tour and Van Gogh Museum Coffee and tea, Dutch bites All painting materials Transport from Van Gogh Museum to the art studio

Get to know Vincent van Gogh in-depth by following his footsteps for a whole weekend in Nuenen en Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Holland Tour takes place over the course of two days, and on the last day you will create your own Vincent van Gogh masterpiece in our art studio in Amsterdam. This tour is for 3 - 7  people. 
For special requests and bigger groups please contact us.

Day 1: Nuenen

​Van Gogh lived in the village Nuenen from 1883 until 1886. While living there with his parents, he created a lot of paintings. His first masterpiece, the Potato Eaters  was painted in this village. It was also during this time that his neighbor Margot fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. During the tour in the Museum Vincentre, a professional local guide will tell you more about Vincent in this time of his life. After the tour in the museum, we will go outside for the open air guided tour to see the places he painted and what were important places for him. For example, the post office where he posted his letter to his brother Theo who was living in Paris.  A highlight stop will be the little church which he painted in 1885 for his beloved mother. This painting was stolen in 1994 from the Van Gogh Museum, and was given back to the museum two years ago in 2018.

The tour in Museum Vincentre and the open air tour will take  2 1/2 hours. In between, there will be breaks where coffee and tea will be served.

We will end the day in Nuenen in a restaurant where we will have a delicious Van Gogh lunch. After the lunch, we will leave this picturesque village and will arrive in Amsterdam around 5 pm.

Day 2: Amsterdam

 ​This morning, we will meet at the Van Gogh Museum at 9 am where we will start with the guided  tour. The Van Gogh Museum has 200 paintings and sketches of his collection that will make this guided tour very exciting. We will recognize the places in his paintings that we visited on Day 1. In this part of the museum you will also see the famous Potato Eaters and The Little Church paintings. Soon after Vincent van Gogh painted the Potato Eaters, he left the Netherlands to live in France. In France, he made his most famous paintings like the Sunflowers, The Yellow House, The Bedroom and his many self portraits. These and other paintings will be seen in the museum.

Get to know the stories behind the paintings of Van Gogh. What made his life so sad, and why is it that he became famous after his death in 1890? After the guided tour in Nuenen and in Amsterdam, you will have a newfound understanding of his paintings and his lifestyle, and admire the most famous Dutch artist more than ever.

To make this Van Gogh Holland Tour complete, we will end this day with the Paint like Van Gogh workshop in our art studio in the canal district of Amsterdam. During this workshop we will paint the Sunflowers just like Van Gogh. if you have never painted before. You will leave with your own painted Van Gogh masterpiece. 

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